Best Size Settings for Samsung TV - Changing Video Aspect Ratio

Summary: What is the best size settings for Samsung TV? How to adjust the size on Samsung TV? How to change video aspect ratio for display? 

When you watch videos on your Samsung TVs, you could find that most TV programmes and videos are displayed in wide screen, but some programmes and videos are not, and do not fill the screen. If you play a video whose  aspect ratio is different than the aspect ratio of the TV screen, the picture might appear to be distorted. So to get better media enjoyment on Samsung TV, you’d better make sure which size is the best settings for Samsung TV and how to adjust aspect ratio on Samsung TV.

What is TV Aspect Ratio and how to adjust it?

TV Aspect Ratio lets you adjust the output of the product to the screen size of the TV.

  • 16:9 Original : For 16:9 TV screens. The product will display all content in its original aspect ratio. Content formatted in 4:3 will be displayed with black bars on the left and right.
  • 16:9 Full: For 16:9 TV screens. All content will fill the full screen. Content formatted in 4:3 will be stretched.
  • 4:3 Letter Box: For a 4:3 TV screens. The product will display all content in its original aspect ratio. Content formatted in 16:9 will be displayed with black bars on the top and bottom.
  • 4:3 Pan-Scan: For 4:3 TV screens.16:9 content will have the extreme left and right portions cut off.

● Depending on the disc type, some aspect ratios may not be available.
● If you select an aspect ratio and option which is different than the aspect ratio of the TV screen, then the picture might appear to be distorted.
● If you select the 16:9 Original, the TV may display 4:3 Pillarbox (black bars on side of picture).

8 different possible options for setting a fixed aspect ratio on Samsung TV 

1. 16:9: Samsung televisions automatically adjust the source picutre size to the 16:9 aspect ratio.
2. 4:3: Samsung televisions automatically adjust the sourece picture size to the 4:3 aspect ratio black bars to the left and right will be visible (commonly referred to as a pillar box image).
3. Smart View 1: Samsung televisions reduce a 16:9 picture by 50%. This mode is only available for LED TVs and in HDMI mode.
4. Smart View 2: Samsung televisions reduce a 16:9 picture by 25%. This mode is only available for LED TVs and in HDMI or DTV mode..
5. Screen fit: Samsung televisions display the full image from the source without any cutoff changes.
6. Wide Zoom: Samsung televisions magnify the picture without changing the aspect ratio. A magnified picture can be moved up and down.
7. Auto Wide: Samsung televisions automatically follow the broadcast picture size to display original producer desired aspect ratio.
8. Zoom: Magnifies the 16:9 wide pictures vertically to fit the screen. This is used to display images produced in cinema scope (where normally black bars are displayed at the top and bottom of the screen, normally referred to as a “letter box” image). A magnified picture can be moved up and down.
Note: Some 4:3 images are broadcast in 16:9 format with black bars added to the left and right.

What do the black bars look like on TVs with different aspect ratios?

Black bars fill the extra space when the aspect ratio of the screen and content do not match.

Adjusting the Aspect Ratio on Samsung TV

Correctly setting the aspect ratio for broadcast programming and video output from a secondary device helps ensure the correct resolution. To change the aspect ratio, press the button on the remote control that says "Aspect" or "P. Size" several times until the right one appears on the screen. Another method involves pressing "Menu," navigating to "Picture," and selecting "Picture Size" to change the aspect ratio.

Changing the Resolution Output on a third party software

The exact methods used to change output resolution on some third party software. This only adapts to the situation when you watching videos on Samsung TV via USB. However, this way is nice for your media playback on other devices which can’t allow you adjust the aspect ratio on the devices directly.

Pavtube Video Converter Ultimate is a video format converter which changes HD/SD video formats to another. It also has some hidden features such as to split, trim, merge and edit videos, and add subtitles. But it is not obvious that this HD video conversion software is also a aspect size ratio converter that can change the aspect ratio of a video, such as from 4:3 to 16:9 for widescreen movie watching. <review>

Free download and install

Other Download:
- Pavtube old official address:
- Cnet Download:

Step 1: Import your videos by clicking “File” on the interface. Batch conversion is supported so that you can batch change the video aspect ratio.

Step 2: Press on“Edit” on the top of the interface. Then choose“Crop”function. Click "Advanced Mode" in the right panel, then select "Keep Ratio" option in the left panel, then from "Display aspect ratio" drop-down list, you can either keep the original aspect ratio by choosing "Original" or keep the cropped aspect ratio such as 16:10, 16:9, 5:4, 4:3, 3:2, 2:1, etc from the aspect ratio lists according to your need.

Step 3: Set destination folder to save the edited video and click Convert button to convert video changing the aspect ratio.

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