How to Permanently Save rented Redbox Blu-rays on Tablet, Server, HDD, Computer...

Summry: Want to hold onto your disc for longer? No problem. For each day you keep a rental, you'll be charged for another rental period + applicable tax. If you hold onto your disc for the maximum rental period almost everywhere, it's 17 days for movies and 23 days for blu-ray disc.

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Before the rental Blu-ray backup guide using Blu-ray copy software, it needs to make clear that not all rippers help to get rental Blu-ray copies. A case in point is the widely known which rips Blu-ray only when it comes to homemade Blu-ray. But the truth is most Blu-rays borrowed from Netflix, Redbox, Amazon, etc are entangled with copy protection or region code restriction, making the Blu-ray rental impossible to copy with generally Blu-ray backup software. 


From the google search on the internet, we choose high-rank Pavtube ByteCopy (Mac) to reach the goal above-mentioned. ByteCopy gives you the best approach to bypass copy protection or remove region code restriction from rented Blu-rayon on Tablet, Server, HDD, Computer. and backup them in four methods: full disc copy, main title copy, rip Blu-ray to lossless MKV with chapter markers and backup Blu-ray to other video formats. With ByteCopy, you can backup and convert rental Blu-ray to virtually any regular formats H.265, M3U8, MP4, MOV, MKV, FLV… to play anywhere with original quality. 


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Blu-rays on Tablet, Server, HDD, Computer Effortlessly


Step 1: Load Rental Blu-ray movies into the program


Once you run the Rental Blu-ray Ripper, click BD disc button to load Rented Blu-ray from RedBox, NetFlix, Amazon up into the Blu ray ripping program.



Step 2. Decide Blu-ray Copy Mode


A. Full Disc Copy Mode: Copy Rental Blu-ray Disc to a full Blu-ray folder containing all the content in original BD.


B. Directly Copy Mode: Backup Rental Blu-ray Disc to a file with M2TS as filename extension. This mode enables copy movie only from Blu-ray discs, compared with former mode, save time in copying protected Blu-ray Disc and space to store the output M2TS file to make reasonable and practical use.



Step 3: Choose an output video format


If you wanna rip Rental Blu-ray to your needed file types, you need specify a format as output format. Click on the dropdown menu of "Format", and then choose your needed one from the multiple output format presets. You can rip Blu-ray to MKV, MP4, MOV, WMV, or rip Blu-ray for playback on iPad, iPhone, PS Vita, Nook HD, Galaxy Tab and more other portable devices you can think of.


Tip: Click "Settings" button, then you are able to adjust all the settings in the following window to customize the output file quality, including codec, size, bit rate, frame rate, sample rate and audio channel.


Step 4: Rip and copy Rented Blu-ray from RedBox, NetFlix, Amazon


Once the above mentioned steps are finished, you can click "Convert" button to copy Rental Blu-ray movie to either the hard drive of your PC, or to your portable devices for enjoying on the go.


When the copying/ripping task is completed, you can click "Open" button to get the ripped files of Rental Blu-ray movie. Then, you can play, share Rental Blu-ray with your families anywhere you want.


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